Did Jesus Really Die?

At Easter Time while a lot of people are thinking about Easter Bunnies, and Easter Eggs, and things like that, Christians are thinking about something that happened a long time ago.

They’re thinking about the time when Jesus died.

What do you think? Did that happen?

Was Jesus really crucified?


Does the Bible report the facts about that event?

Was it really Jesus who was nailed to that cross and crucified?

Some people think that God put someone else on the cross that looked like Jesus.

But is that truly something God would do?

Think about it.

If that happened, and God let everyone believe that it was Jesus on the cross, then wouldn’t that be the same as God telling a lie?

Could God lie?

Of course not.

Did Jesus really die?

Again some people believe that Jesus didn’t really die. Some people think he just fainted. Some people thing God took him at that last second and put someone else there to die instead of Jesus.

But once again, if God let people believe that Jesus had died — if he didn’t truly die — then again that would be the same as God telling a lie. And God does not lie.

Then there were all those people who actually saw Jesus die.

His disciples.

His friends.

His mother.

Other people who knew him.

There was a big crowd around when that happened.

They all knew it was Jesus who had died on the cross that day.

They saw it happen.

So if that happened … then … Did Jesus actually come back to life again?

Well, quite a few people saw it happen.

You can read more of the story for yourself in the Bible in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the four Gospels.

About Al Stewart

I'm Al Stewart. No I'm not a guru about anything, as some people seem to like to call themselves. I'm just a guy who who has lived in a lot of places, done a lot of things. And sometimes I think about life and some of the things that happen to us....
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